image of the accessible pregnancy test. The test is plastic with a removable plastic top. There's a button in the middle of the test.

The first standalone
Accessible Pregnancy Test
for people with vision impairments

At-home pregnancy tests are still not accessible

But we're working to change that.
image of the apt packaging

Feel Your Results

Apt uses patented haptic feedback to communicate results:
1 buzz for Negative
2 buzzes for Positive
Haptic Test results: two buzzes position, one buzz negative

Privacy First

No phones required, the information never leaves the device.

Every part of the experience, including the packaging and instructions, is built for accessibility and privacy.
Apt test packaging, black box with a hand opening it. blue test inside over instructions.

Apt in Action

Access to me has always been creating an equal experience. I shouldn't have to bring in a phone or color identifier when taking at at-home pregnancy test. I want the safety, autonomy, and privacy that everyone else has.
Activist and Educator
This test is long overdue, a need that has been, frankly, ignored.
Accessibility Advocate

Want to support reproductive privacy for all?

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